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Jury Trial 
Jury Trial 
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***************************************** PLAINTIFF:  Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue vs. DEFENDANTS:  Mutts and Mayhem Emergency Search & Rescue and Selena Schmidt RE: HACHI (Hobo), CASE NO. 18-C-3491 ****************************************** In July 2018, we fell victim as defendants in a frivolous lawsuit over our capture and custody of a homeless stray dog at large from Waxahachie that we named Hachi (Hobo). We invite you to the inside of the case as we have published all of the court documents on our website, free to download, read and SHARE The Plaintiff in this case has distorted, omitted, and they have created a profoundly erroneous impression, while demanding that we transfer Hachi to them and pay them $100,000 for “damages”.  A dog whose adoption fee is only $200.00.  A dog of whom they have never captured, never touched, never owned, and whom they only want for malicious reasons.   In addition to the Plaintiff having no legal right to Hachi, transferring him would be a detrimental setback for him.   He is thriving in his current rehabilitation and he is extremely bonded with his foster family.  His foster family expressed their interest in adopting Hachi but the Plaintiff does not care about Hachi.  They want him for publicity and they want MONEY!!!  Even though the Plaintiff never played any role whatsoever in Hachi’s safe capture, the Plaintiff stated via public social media prior to this lawsuit...“because they spent 7 months “trying” to capture him, they feel that “they” deserve the credit, the recognition, and they deserve the donations that Hachi would bring in” (Facebook 7/2/2018). This case is a battle against good and evil with motives of publicity, vindictive notoriety, personal financial gain, and no concern of Hachi’s best interest ever being considered by the Plaintiff. 
WE NEED YOUR HELP! MMESAR has only one choice in this matter, to defend this frivolous case in order to allow Hachi to remain in our care, a dog that we captured, a dog whose life we saved, a dog that we lawfully own.  We never could have imagined we would ever be victims facing the burden of frivolous litigation defense, but we must stand up for what is right and show the public this entire lawsuit is a frivolous financial scam.   We must seek justice, advocate for the protection of a misled public, protect donors from fraudulent solicitations, prevent other organizations from falling victim of such financial scams and senseless lawsuits, and to protect the future work of MMESAR!
In the Plaintiff’s four amended petition’s to the court, their story continues to change with each amendment.  New stories have been created each time that we squash one of their allegations with evidence.  Yet, our position and story always remains the same.  We also learned that MMESAR is not the Plaintiff’s first humane nonprofit victims of this almost exact scenario, but we are the first to defend ourselves.   Click the links below to learn more!
Mutts and Mayhem has already incurred an expense of $29,656.19 in legal fees defending this injudicious case, and the expenses continue as we prepare for trial.  Regretfully, we are being forced to suspend our operations until this matter is resolved as all of our funding has been depleted trying to maintain justice for Hachi.   When this matter is resolved, we can once again begin our critical operations of helping desperate animals in need!   We need to raise $45,000 in order to continue our defense and resume ground operations!   MMESAR’s President Selena Schmidt, and her husband Glen, made a generous donation of $10,000 towards our Legal Defense Fund!  Now we just need YOUR HELP to take us the rest of the way!  We hope to recover our attorneys fees once we prevail at trial. The Plaintiff’s attorney is representing them “Pro-Bono” so they have incurred $0 expense in launching this preposterous lawsuit.  
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