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You have heard about those rescue dogs that are incredibly loyal once they trust you- well, that is me. I am one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet, you just have to give me some time to fully trust you. I've been hurt in the past and I just want to make sure I don't trust the wrong people again. I am not a fan of strangers, but once we become friends, I will be your trusty...  Read more 
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Kia has a very special story, and she is a very, very special gal.  At the end of January, the foster home Kia resided in caught fire.  She was the only pet to survive the fire.  She was successfully resuscitated on scene by the local fire department with no adverse effects.  She has no long term problems and is as healthy as the day she was born.  If only cats could speak, I am sure she would tell quite the story.  She had literally, maybe 30 seconds before she too would have perished as the fire had begun to spread to the room where she was living.  The door was shut and that door saved her life.  Although it has been discussed amongst our rescue to keep Kia after everything she has been through, it is best for us to try and continue to look for a home for her.  See, Kia enjoys her alone time.  She likes to be the only cat and she wants all the attention to herself. She tolerates some dogs, but only the laid back ones that leave her be.  She just is picky, and wants all the loving for herself. She is a lap cat, she will snuggle in the bed and on the couch.  But she cannot be with small children as her attention span is very short.  She only likes to be pet when she asks for it and nothing more.  She wants to sit in your lap, and she wants to sleep with you, but she does not necessarily want to be pet.  She likes to play and she likes to follow you around.  There is a fine line between her love and hate relationship and it takes time for her to love you, and it takes your patience to learn how to love her back without giving her, well, too much love.  She is not the kind of cat where you can demand her attention, you have to allow her to come to you, which she will once she likes you.  She is not typically shy around strangers once she is acclimated to her surroundings, but kind of like that dog where someone tells you, you can look, but don't touch, Kia is similar.  She will undoubtedly be your best friend once you develop that bond, but you just have to learn to read her body language and resist the urge to push her past her limitations.  Kia is still young at about 3 years of age, she is front declawed, fully vetted and ready for that special someone that is as special as she is. If you would like to meet Kia, please contact our feline adoption coordinator to see if she will be attending an upcoming event or to arrange a meet-n-greet.  You may also fill out an adoption application if you would like. 
Tracy Kraemer at
Adoption fee $80 Fully Vetted Spayed Microchipped All vaccinations Flea/Tick preventative Ear Mite preventative De-wormed
Domestic Short Hair Large Adult, 2 years old Female 263-20160812 Available-Please Adopt Me!
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