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Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue is a public charity classified as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Tax ID number is 46-3904233  Copyright © 2013-2017 Mutts & Mayhem Animal Rescue
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Kia has a very special story, and she is a very, very special gal.  At the end of January, the foster home Kia resided in caught fire.  She was the only pet to survive the fire.  She was successfully resuscitated on scene by the local fire department with no adverse effects.  She has no long term problems and is as healthy as the   Read more 
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Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue (MMAR) is a no-kill, 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization.   Our rescue service is closed intake, meaning we accept animals only if we have space.  MMAR was founded in 2013 by two active duty Paramedics.  MMAR primarily serves communities throughout North Texas and we educate globally.   We receive no federal or state funding and rely solely on donations from generous individuals, businesses, and foundations to support our programs and services. The values that shaped MMAR's formation, came in some degree from the idea that every human being should be kind to animals, they should develop a profound sympathy for creatures in pain, they should experience the satisfaction of keeping animals as pets, and they should possess the heightening awareness about the relationship between cruelty to animals and interpersonal violence.  Our principal concern is the mitigation and elimination of suffering.  The homeless animal overpopulation of dogs and cats is a burgeoning crisis that is only solved through aggressive spay and neuter programs and humane public education.  There is an urgent need for humans to change their behavior towards other living things with a moral philosophy that animals have inherent rights.  Due to the overwhelming number of unwanted animals in the world, local municipal shelters are faced with the horrific obligation of having to kill millions of animals annually in order to help control the stray population with regard to human safety.  These wasteful killings are the result of human error and breeding for profit.   Municipal shelters have very limited space, medical resources and limited government funds.  Most of these shelters are forced to euthanize animals each day in order to make room for new arrivals, to free up resources for the more easily adoptable animals or due to the lack in availability of veterinary care or disease control capability.  Although we endorse the view that ethical treatment sometimes permits and even requires euthanizing animals to end their misery, we establish that “Rescue” assistance is necessary in order to help save lives from wasteful euthanasia and to provide some relief to municipal shelters across the nation.  This is where we come in.  The MMAR Adoption program uses community-level outreach to raise awareness and to improve the lives of companion animals and those who care for them, by providing humane education, access to low-cost resource information and by offering a commitment to each adopted animal and adopters alike.    Our goal is not only to re-home animals into a loving and forever home, but to embrace that relationship as an opportunity to educate and become a resource of information and guidance to the adoptive families that we serve.  Due to the nature of the Animal Rescue/Animal Welfare sector, very dangerous conditions and unconventional hazards are commonplace for Animal Rescue teams. However, the sole purpose of the Mutts and Mayhem Volunteer Rescue Team is to minimize risk through training, teamwork and preparedness. MMAR will only be able to truly help animals by working proactively and compassionately with people.   Reflected in all of our programs and services is the belief that people and animals are inherently good.  MMAR strives to create a judgment free and caring environment for all community members seeking its services, whether they are adopting, utilizing low-cost services or needing advice or assistance in caring for their current pets.   Those interested in becoming a part of the organization are expected to promote and exemplify this positive and understanding culture. On behalf of all the Animals waiting for a forever family, we thank you for your interest in improving the lives of these deserving animals. Learn more about our Adoption Process and view our adoptable dogs and cats. MMAR operates in accordance with: The Animal Welfare Act Title 10 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, Health and Safety of Animals USDA Transport Guidelines Guideline for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters Animal Welfare Services are provided under the direction of Texas licensed veterinarians. Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code Better Business Bureau Charity Guidelines Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) ASC 958-205 (formerly SFAS No. 117, Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations)
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Our Mission Our mission is to protect and improve the lives of abused, abandoned, neglected and homeless dogs and cats through Rescue, Medical and Social Rehabilitation and Adoption. Our missions’ success is driven through aggressive spay and neuter programs, advocacy of humane behavior towards animals, community education, and our moral responsibility to end their suffering.  We are the Voice they wish they had, making the Choices they wish they could. 
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Mutts & Mayhem
a 501c3 nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated providing rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary to abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs and cats.
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